Crisis State

Undoubtedly, we sense that our national and global life is in a state of crisis! Covid-related health, relationship, and financial challenges exist everywhere. Senseless violence against innocent individuals has limited our freedom of ease in moving about. Tempers flare over trivial issues. Distrust of religious, political, and educational institutions and their leaders leaves many of us without solid footings. This state of crisis is a collective reality and a collective realization; however, it exists for each of us in individualized ways and with individualized effects.


The Western or Latin Roman Catholic Church, as well as the Protestant churches, have tended to accentuate legalistic reparation theologies to explain the Christian narrative. Presented as a “repairman” for what our original ancestors had distorted in God’s divine plan, much of the traditional Christian story explains that Jesus was born to “pay the debt” for human transgression. According to the Western narrative, the crucifix shows us a tortured human Jesus bleeding and hanging on the cross being punished on our behalf for violating God’s law; however, are we truly content with this image of a punishing Father God?