Making Sense of Jesus in the 21st Century

The revised and updated second edition of Fr. Jeremiah’s book is available now.

Priest, Osteopath & Author

Fr. Jeremiah has been active in the priesthood since his ordination more than 25 years ago.

He has also practiced the specialty of anesthesiology for over 50 years, devoting the most recent twenty years to pain medicine.

His book Confessions of an Unorthodox Priest is available now.

Confessions is not for Christians who are content with their faith; it is specifically for those who are questioning and seeking a different perspective.

The Book

Confessions of an Unorthodox Priest: Christianity Beyond the Edges: Revised and Updated Second Edition by The Very Reverend Father Jeremiah Loch

Confessions of an Unorthodox Priest

This is for those who are about to give up on the Christian faith, or for those having difficulty reconciling the Christian faith with science.

Fr. Jeremiah invites us to follow his path as he integrates two dynamic careers, one in medicine and the other in spirituality. The death of a patient prompts him to speculate on the absurdity of a physical location of consciousness, which then leads to a profound revelation about soul.

The revised and updated second edition is available now.